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You can configure some or all of your animation to repeat multiple times.

Looping the Whole Track

To make the whole animation loop, set endBehavior="loop" in your Timeline.


Boomerang is a special kind of loop: after your animation or region finishes, it will play backwards to its starting position before looping again.

To boomerang a whole animation, set endBehavior="boomerang" in your Timeline.

Looping Regions

You can configure individual regions to loop or boomerang as well. Loop configuration is set via each track region's loop property.

To make a region loop a certain number of times, set loop.count

To make a region loop until a certain time, set loop.until

To make a region loop for a certain amount of time, set loop.duration

To make a region boomerang, set loop.boomerang. This property can be used in combination with any other loop config.

Passive Loops

You may also set a track region's loop to true, rather than an object. If a track region's loop is true or { boomerang: true }, then it is called a passive loop.

Passive loops do not have a defined end time. Rather, they run until something else stops them...or forever, if nothing does.

If there are any passive loops in a Timeline of which endBehavior="continue", those passive loops will repeat indefinitely.

Further Reading

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