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Controller API

The Controller component is an optional wrapper for the Timeline that automatically configures time and playback controls.

It can manage the Timeline invisibly (for instance, if you want your animation to play automatically), but the Controller also provides an animation playback UI that works without any configuration. You can replace this playback control UI with custom elements as well.



Controller is a React component.


  • Type: ControllerProps<State extends object = any>
  • The optional generic type parameter State refers to the structure of the animation's state. Must be an object.

Properties for the Controller component.


  • Type: (controlProps: Pick<TimelineProps<State>, ...>) => JSX.Element
  • Required

Provides a subset of configured TimelineProps that can be used to manage a Timeline automatically.

The configured props include:

  • value
  • playing
  • playbackSpeed
  • onTick
  • onEnded
  • onLoad

Controller will configure the value of these timeline properties based on its own props, including trigger, normalPlaybackSpeed, and panel.

This type of prop is called a render prop because the Controller uses it to know what to render. Use it by putting a function in between your <Controller> tags:


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Whether the playback panel is visible.


  • Type: "manual" | "auto"
  • Default: "manual"

Whether the configured Timeline should play automatically or wait for a manual trigger.


  • Type: number
  • Default: 1

The playbackSpeed to pass to the configured Timeline via the children render prop when the panel is in normal playback mode.


  • Type: number
  • Default: 2

Is multiplied with normalPlaybackSpeed to calculate the playbackSpeed passed to the configured Timeline when the panel is in fast-forward playback mode.


  • Type: number
  • Default: -2

Is multiplied with normalPlaybackSpeed to calculate the playbackSpeed passed to the configured Timeline when the panel is in reverse playback mode.


  • Type: object
  • Default: {}

The CSS style object passed to the <div> that contains the panel.

This prop is best suited for minor style adjustments. For more granular control over the panel's appearance, override the panel prop instead.


Renders a generic playback control panel for an animation based on props configured by Controller and its managed Timeline.

Provides all the data necessary to render a responsive playback control with play/pause, fast-forward, reverse, and progress bar features. Includes both current information about the managed Timeline and a suite of callback functions to control it. See ControlPanelProps.

Will render a basic, unstyled control panel by default intended for demo purposes. See SimpleControlPanel.

API Reference
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